Friday, March 6, 2015

Jessica's Spicy Crackers

This recipe was introduced to Mike and me back in the fall when Bryan, Jessica, and Harris brought us dinner.  We had delicious chili and these crackers.  My effort did not turn out as delicious as those were  - even after several calls and texts to worry Jessica for clarification, but then, I never can make anything taste as good as the original.

These are tasty with a bowl of chili or soup or stew but they are also a delicious munchy snack for anytime!

1/2 box (2 sleeves) Saltine Crackers
1 cup oil
1 package dry Ranch Dressing Mix
1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
I doubled the recipe!
  • Unwrap crackers and set on end inside a plastic sealable container. 

  • Pack them in tightly!  I doubled the recipe for this large container.
The OCD in me didn't like it 
but I even filled in the crack between sleeves/rows to pack them tightly.

  • Whisk together oil, Ranch Dressing Mix, and pepper flakes.

  • Pour mix over the top of the crackers.

  • Put the lid on the sealable container and flip upside down to allow seasoning to thoroughly coat the crackers.

  • Set aside for about an hour and flip again.
A plate of crunchy, yummy, goodness!